Netlux Systems Private Limited


Protecting your PC, Securing your Smile


Netlux Systems Private Limited is one of the growing IT security vendors in India. It is a private company that provides Antivirus, Anti-malware and Internet security. Netlux Systems Private Limited is headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra.

Netlux Systems Private Limited was founded in the year 2011 when Netlux launched its's first product NETLUX ANTIVIRUS, which is a security suite that offers complete protection to your computer from viruses,malwares,spywares or any kind of threat. It has got the most upgraded and unique technology that works with a very low resources of computer,So your computer becomes not only totally safe but also fast and effective.

The most advanced built-in utilities like USB immunizer, Netlux utilities make your pendrives, mobile storages devices safe and restore the same effectiveness of your computer the way you always wanted it.

For more than 8 years,Netlux Systems have been tried and ensured by the main test labs, and routinely win grants for item magnificence. These affirmations and grants are accomplished through constant and persistent enhancement of malware recognition rates, asset productivity, and item ease of use and similarity. On the off chance that you haven't attempted Netlux yet, we urge you to download a preliminary and experience the Netlux Products.

Award Winning Protection You Can Trust. Over 1.5 million nationwide are protected by Netlux products and technologies.

Currently Netlux Systems Private Limited is one of the country's leading dedicated security technology company.

Netlux Expertise

Security research is at the heart of everything we do. We always enterprise in finding the latest threats fast and update protection for our customers automatically. With our support engineers working continuously,we always seek to serve you better.

Software Products

The range of products offered by Netlux Systems Private Limited ensures an unprecedented level of protection from malware and other external threats. Netlux customers have access to a wide range of additional services to ensure the most effective operation of our products. The company also provides round-the-clock technical support in several languages by telephone and email.



Sushant Katare is CEO and founder of Netlux Systems Private Limited, bringing over 3 years of executive and operational leadership experience for technology. He established Netlux in August 2011. He is responsible for providing strategic and tactical direction to Netlux's products. He is also responsible for driving business processes and ensuring operational efficiences across the organisation.

He has received a Bachelor's Degree in Information Security Techniques.


Shrikant Katare is the director of Netlux Systems Private Limited. He is responsible for leading Netlux's sales team in the company.He brings over 36 years of experience in diverse businesses.

He also oversees the company's entire financial organization including financial planning and analysis departments.