Netlux Antivirus

Protecting your PC, Securing your smile

We assure you malware free devices.

Netlux™ Antivirus 2015 is the security suite that protects computer from viruses, malwares, spywares, hackers and other types of threats. It is the all-new and unique protection technology that works with very low resources of computer.

The inbuilt features like USB immunizer, Netlux™ utilities help your pendrives, mobile storages safe and keeps computer running as fast as it was.

Netlux has a proven track record of delivering comprehensive and most efficient computer security software applications. The underlying design philosophy at Netlux is that security software doesn't have to be complicated in order to be effective. With a good span of experience in delivering security software, Netlux is well equipped and positioned to offer the most comprehensive centrally managed endpoint security solution.

Netlux Antivirus Tools

Stop Viruses

Stop virurses to spreading into your PC.

Built-In Anti-Hacker Technology

Optimizes your PC's resources to make your games run smoother.

Vaccinates USB, Pendrives

Removable drives protect data sharing devices.keep them attack free.

Offline Updates

Update antivirus offine.

Automatic Updates

Automatic tiny updates keeps your computer security updated 24/7.

Advanced Self Protection

Protects your data with self scan.

Protects Privacy

Protects stealth of private data from spywares.

Automatic Scheduled Scan

When you Turns your PC antivirus start scheduled scan.

Single Right Click Scan

Right click on folder/ file and start scan.

Block Malwares

Block malwares.

Pendrive Autorun Protection.

When you connect pendive to PC it will start scanning automatically.

Tiny Updates.

Tiny updates available.

    System Requirements for Netlux Antivirus

Operating Systems

Window 2000 /XP

Windows Vista/7

Windows 8,Windows 8.1

Hardware Requirements

450 MB Free Disk

256 MB RAM